Our 3e Restoration Process

“People are not prospects to save, projects to fix or problems to solve; instead, they are persons to be embraced.”

– Fred Liggin, Founder and President of 3e Restoration, Inc.

Our approach to breaking the cycle of poverty is a highly relational process of people growing together through a healthy, meaningful friendship. The 3e Restoration Process© is rooted in friendship and understands that a unique friendship is necessary to walk with our friends in need. Through radical embrace, we engage our friends-in-need relationally instead of programmatically.

 The 3e approach was designed to address the Five-Fold Reality of Poverty and Brokenness™ and equip and empower anyone or any faith community (no matter the numerical size or financial ability) compelled to serve others living through homelessness or social displacement. Our relational framework, combined with our 3e Curriculum, guides our process in an informed, evidence-based and highly relational way. 

Our Relational Framework

Our relational framework defines the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the journey from social displacement toward holistic sufficiency. After a thorough training process, equipped with our evidence-based 3e Curriculum, we rely on these individuals, family units, faith communities, business professionals and others to provide our relational framework through which we work.

Our friends and families in need are those socially displaced people living in and through homelessness or extreme poverty. These individuals are certainly not helpless – they simply need a community of friends to walk alongside of them and to offer some meaningful assistance during this time in their lives.

Poverty is oftentimes generational and our friends and families in need may be the second to fifth generation living in poverty. We are determined to work together with our friends and families in need to break this cycle of poverty through gracious hospitality and radical friendship. 

We believe churches and faith communities can play an integral role in leading people toward holistic sufficiency and transitioning people out of homelessness and extreme poverty. 

Our partnering churches join our journey toward holistic sufficiency for those living through homelessness in a few ways. Some partner financially through consistent giving – choosing to invest in a life through 3e Restoration, Inc. Other faith communities partner through receiving training in the 3e Curriculum, further equipping their congregation to serve their local communities in a more informed, holistic way.

Our servant leader coordinators, commonly referred to as our SLCs, undergo an multi-day training utilizing our highly relational, evidence-based 3e Curriculum. Our servant leader coordinators (SLCs) are empowered with coaching tools and techniques that better enable them to befriend and maintain a healthy relationship with their friend in need. 

Our servant leader coordinators are people who embrace intentionality through organized and organic practices of gracious hospitality. Our SLCs have developed a way of life that reflects love, gracious hospitality, and relentless hope and these values are translated to their relationships with their friends in need.

Our trained SLCs integrate and administer necessary life skills and teach Growth Symbols© in a highly relational way that lead friends and families in need toward the path of holistic sufficiency. Our SLCs model and offer a new vision of life for those in need, oftentimes believing in the friend or family in need more than they believe in themselves.

All-in friends are people who have the heart to walk alongside people living through homelessness to help transition them to holistic sufficiency – they just do not have the time to invest as consistently or as deeply as our servant leader coordinators (SLCs). Our all-in friends are nevertheless essential to our 3e Restoration process and the relational framework within which we work.

These individuals generously lend rides when needed, teach our friends and families in need how to grocery shop, cook, clean, prepare resumes, fill out a job application, exercise properly for their health. Our all-in friends may lend advise on basic money budgeting and management, offer basic computer skills, and generally extend gracious hospitality to our friends and families in need. 

Our all-in friends provide a key piece in the relational community network of a friend in need, offering organic “wrap-around” support that is vital but often missing in traditional homelessness alleviation programs.

Our 3e Coaching Network consists of various human services organizations and agencies, business professionals within Williamsburg, James City County and upper York County. These individuals and organizations offer their professional services at pro bono (free) or significantly discounted rates to our friends and families in need.

The 3e Coaching Network provides organized wrap-around services which enable our friends and families in need with the necessary life tools and vital resources to continue their journey toward holistic sufficiency. Through the coordinated partnerships between our friends and families in need, our servant leader coordinators and our partnering churches, our 3e Coaches provide those socially displaced neighbors living through homelessness with the following resources:

  • MENTAL HEALTH: licensed professional counselors provide counseling and therapy
  • PERSONAL HYGIENE & DENTAL CARE: dentists provide evaluations and dental work; beauticians provide haircuts and hair styling
  • PHYSICAL WELLNESS: occupational therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and nutrition experts provide holistic treatment for debilitating physical ailments
  • JOB READINESS: business professionals who specialize in job readiness and executive recruiting provide assistance with preparing a resume and training for job interviews
  • LEGAL ASSISTANCE: attorneys provide specialized legal aid
  • FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: financial counselors advise friends in need on best financial management practices

This list is not exhaustive. We have 3e Coaches who could offer auto repairs, interior designing expertise, speech therapy, and other services that could greatly benefit our friends in need. If you or your business have a heart for alleviating poverty in a holistic and relational way, please consider joining our 3e Coaching Network.