Our four branches serve to break the cycle of poverty through gracious hospitality and systemic change.

As local churches are encouraged, equipped and empowered to walk with a friend from homelessness to holistic sufficiency, diverse housing resources and collaborative partnerships are necessary. We have developed a coordinated system of care, growing our work into four comprehensive branches.

Together, we can change the narrative on homelessness.

Our Restoration branch equips, encourages and empowers the local church to walk alongside people living through homelessness.

Jesus taught his followers to love their neighbors as they love themselves. When the local church is faithful – it can and should be a sign, instrument and foretaste of God’s love and presence in this world. Even in all of the astounding messiness, we believe in the beauty of the local church.

A partnership with 3e Restoration Inc is simple: embrace any or all components of the 3e Restoration Process© as a ministry in your church, join the growing network, and begin walking with a Friend or Family In-Need.

Our greatest hope is that each local church will experience new life as they remain a light of hope and love in their cities as God’s beloved community of gracious hospitality and relentless hope.

We offer multiple training labs and other opportunities for you and your group of peers to become Servant Leader Coordinators, informed friends willing to extend radical relational embrace to the socially-displaced.

For more details on how to involve your church as a 3e Restoration partner or for other ways you can be part of the process of restoring lives to holistic sufficiency, visit the Get Involved page and see how you can contribute.


“At the heart of 3e Restoration is God’s call to go to the marginalized of society.  And, as we go, the marginalized become friends, no longer lost on us, because they are never lost on God.”

– Garrett Laubscher, Family Minister

“Members of my church have found the heart of Jesus, and have been filled with empathy as they walk with their friends in need. The 3e Restoration Process is making our city better, making our church better and making us more like Jesus.

– Gregg Jennings, Pastor

“I remember thinking, I want to be part of this movement to love people where they are. I’m a Servant Leader Coordinator now, and I love it. I love meeting people and just being a friend.”

– Jody, Servant Leader Coordinator

Our Housing branch helps houseless neighbors locate a dwelling place that can lead to a way of life that feels like home.

In order for our neighbors to transition from homelessness and social displacement to holistic sufficiency, they will need a home. In order to rapidly access and sustain permanent rental housing for our Friends and Families-in-Need, our 3e Housing branch, in collaboration with our partnering churches, has established formal and ongoing relationships with landlords in the areas where we work.

Our hope is simple: to honor God by working to provide “a place for His people.” We believe it takes a community of collaborative partners to find a “place” for the socially-displaced. We have established formal relationships with excellent service providers and agencies so that together we can work to make housing possible for everyone. View our list of housing partners.

Our partnering landlords receive benefits from being part of the 3e Housing branch. If you or someone you know may be interested in becoming a Landlord Partner, visit our Get Involved page or email Tammy Harden at tammy@3erestoration.org.

The 3e Housing Model

Our Housing branch utilizes any one of these three proven housing models: Housing First, Permanent Supportive Housing, and Rapid Re-housing.
Housing First focuses on helping individuals and families access and sustain permanent rental housing as quickly as possible augmented by a variety of services delivered to promote housing stability and individual well-being on an as-needed basis. Housing First requires a standard lease agreement to housing, as opposed to mandated services.

Permanent Supportive Housing is an evidence-based model, and has been proved as an effective model in addressing the unique barriers to housing stability. It is a successful, cost-effective combination of affordable housing with voluntary services that helps people live more stable, productive lives. Permanent Supportive Housing coupled with Housing First, aligns well with the 3e Restoration Process and overall approach.

Rapid Re-housing is an intervention designed to help individuals and families to quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing. Rapid re-housing assistance is offered without preconditions (such as employment, income, absence of criminal record, or sobriety) and the resources and services provided are typically tailored to the unique needs of the household. The core components of a rapid re-housing program are housing identification, rent and move-in assistance, case management and services. While a rapid re-housing program must have all three core components available, it is not required that a single entity provide all three services nor that a household utilize them all.


“3e has given me so much more than housing. It has given me the relationships and tools I needed to get my life back on track.”

– Friend-in-Need

“3e surrounds those living through homelessness with more than just housing and the tools they need, but with committed, lasting relationships. It’s through this process that unexpected friendships are formed and lives are changed.”

Our Consulting branch offers leadership development and specialized training for governmental, business, and non-governmental organizations to move beyond transactional engagement and traditional case management.

As we have partnered with various agencies we discovered a need and desire to move from transactional engagement to offering a holistic case management strategy. However, many agencies lack the missing piece necessary to make the shift. The 3e Consulting branch assists agencies to discern their processes and practices in light of sound social science and contextualized relational engagement practices grounded in the ancient near eastern understanding of hospitality. View some of our previous clients.

Holistic Care Management System Track

Our services are uniquely suited for direct service agencies in the social services or human services sector, non-profit organizations involved in mentoring clients, and other related entities.

Our efforts enable your agency or organization to move beyond a traditional case management framework in order to embrace a management system focused on holistic care for the individual, incorporating a contextualized understanding of many of the systemic issues your clients may face.

We want to be part of your journey towards community-wide collaboration and authentic relational engagement.

We specialize in a situated-learning theory approach and we work to equip your leadership team to develop comprehensive and contextualized strategies to move beyond crisis management and behavioral modification to a highly effective, evidence-based relational framework.

Leadership Development Track

Our leadership development training builds the capacity for businesses, corporations, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations to faithfully lead others and authentically engage with others.

Through our “Hospitality as Leadership” approach, our leadership development training empowers you to more effectively lead teams, build character, and expand vocational competencies.

With 3e Consulting branch, we walk you through practical listening skills, discernment practices, team development techniques and change strategies. We equip you with a thorough understanding of vision-casting and ways to cultivate those visions into reality.


“We have been unable to find any other method that matches the sincere relational approach that 3e offers. Their strategy has conceptualized and validated the many things that we all knew were important in creating lasting change in an individual’s life. It has been amazing to watch its effect in bringing community professionals from all different backgrounds to the same understandings.”

– Meghann Cotter, Executive Servant Leader, Micah Ecumenical Ministries, Inc.

Our Collegiate branch equips, encourages and empowers college students to love people living through homelessness while helping them cultivate sustainable food practices.

In 2015, a group of college students at William & Mary recognized the often unseen issue of poverty in Williamsburg, Virginia. Two students, Scott Gemmell-Davis and Brian Jenkins, decided to take action and co-founded Greater City, a movement which seeks to love those living through homelessness and poverty.

Greater City at William & Mary is a coalition of college students from a variety of Christian denominations, united in mind and purpose. These students build relationships with people living in poverty in their cities through providing nutritious meals and food sustainability practices. These provide a starting place, a foundation, which allows supportive, lasting friendships between college students and their neighbors to form. 

In 2017, Greater City formally joined 3e Restoration, Inc. as our inaugural Collegiate branch. Keep up to date with Greater City on Facebook.

Engage relationally, not programmatically.